Team Plan

Unlock Limitless Potential at Just $8.00 per Month!

Tailored to meet your marketing needs! You gain access to a wealth of features, including unlimited QR code scans and our innovative "review filter" functionality. This plan is good when email and phone numbers are not collected. 



Business Plan - $48 per month

Empower Review Management with QR Code & Email Requests!

This plan offers an array of powerful features, including our "review filter", QR codes and a generous allowance of up to 1000 email requests every month. Text not included.



Enterprise Plans - 300/600/1000
Kickstart Your Business with Review Filters, QR Codes, Email, and SMS/Text Capabilities.

$68 /$88 /$98 per month

This plan includes our "review filter" QR codes and a monthly allowance starting at 1000 emails and SMS / Text ranging from 300 to 1000 monthly.



 Optional Add-ons 

Whether you require extra email or SMS/text capabilities, we've got you covered so you never run short! Purchase a few hundred or several thousand, it's up to you! We can even set you up on your own SMS system and text limit free forever!